Metta Counseling

There are many reasons why someone might seek out counseling, and it usually starts with a feeling of being stuck.

You may be struggling with communication in your relationship, or feeling overwhelmed as you transition to parenthood, a new job, or simply a new phase in life. Maybe you’re feeling anxious or low, and it’s affecting your day to day. We can work together to help you feel less isolated and more like your real self. I help clients who feel disconnected from themselves, or each other, find that connection. I especially love working with couples, mothers, and anyone who struggles with anxiety.

I work from an attachment perspective and also incorporate mindfulness-based techniques which are simple to implement no matter how busy you are. During our sessions, I hope to provide a safe space where you feel heard and encouraged, and sometimes (gently) challenged. You know what you need, and we’ll work together to uncover clues about what's in your way.

I believe that change occurs when we feel safe enough to deal with what happens next. I have worked to learn ways to create that safety and want to explore what that means for you. I believe in the power of books, the healing capacity of the arts, as well as the therapeutic nature of baking. I'm honored to work with each and every one of my clients.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find yourself a step forward on your journey to healing.